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Birthdate:Oct 15
Location:United States of America

ID: Little Serenity, Serey, Kouject
DOB: 10/15/87
Stationed: Los Angeles, California, USA
Mode of Operation: Design Student
Options: English, Japanese, French
Style: Gothiquely Cute

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>Japan :: [info]kouject
>Fashion & Design :: [info]tearsheet_d0ll

I'm back from Japan with a fresh outlook on everything. I have one more year left at college, and I'm planning on making the best of it. After that, I'm going to attempt to find a job in graphic design, pending the economy and what my school's Career Center can do for me. While working on my thesis, I really got into photography, and look forward to continuing that in the coming semester.
In my spare time, I like listening to music, taking walks, photography, RPing over at [info]damned and [info]hells_gate_pen, going to cons and COSPLAYING! ♥

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